Lucas Henrique Ferreira, or just Henrique Ferreira. Born in Brazil in 1999. Passionate about drawing since I was a child, I started my career in illustration and animation in 2017. Currently I am mainly dedicated to creating openings for films and short films, Developing all stages of an animation project, from scratch , until the final animation. In addition to creating original illustrations.

my main work programs are photoshop, after effects, animate cc and Fresco.

2021 - 2022 Copa Studio - I worked as a composer and VFX creating special effects for the series on Carlo (Netflix)

2019-2020 Candy house digital - Based in São Paulo, I worked creating Storyboard, illustrations and advertising animations.

2017 R2 Propaganda - started my career at 17

2020 - The Excellence award runner up -  SMA japan


My Best email:
instagram: @Henriqueferreira.Art
Thank you!
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